Our profile and our services

As long as working is fun, you are successful! Employees experience freedom and personal responsibility with the necessary support and security.

Take advantage of our expertise to help shape engineering projects, we meet the challenges to help initiate future development. In the field of industrialization, we initialize and control all production-relevant activities at the interfaces between development, tool making, production and quality.

Profile of the employees
The team of WePro-GmbH consists of experienced project managers with a solid technical background.
Each individual is a flexible team player who optimally understands the requirements of the various partners and, thanks to good communication, quickly grasps complex interrelationships, analyses them and successfully develops economic solutions. Strong implementation and organizational skills, a pronounced customer orientation and a healthy degree of pragmatism are among our other personal skills.

As project management specialists, we have built up this focus at WePro-GmbH and now manage complex large-scale projects, especially in the automotive sector. Our focal points include industrialization, engineering and supplier development.

Injection moulding tools
  • Injection moulding tool procurement in Europe and Asia, MoldFlow analysis of articles, development up to the final product
  • Procurement of spare parts, from contoured ejectors, master moulds to complete assemblies
  • Design changes, upon request incl. dimensional corrections in Germany/Europe
Preventive tool maintenance
  • Preventive tool maintenance, upon request also tool repairs/corrections and change management
  • Repair of hot runner systems with common and requirement-specific cleaning technologies
Project management
  • Comprehensive advice on injection moulding tool techniques
  • Support and advice in the procurement process
  • Supplier acquisition, structured evaluation and pre-selection
Interim Management
  • Project planning around tool making and maintenance including complete relocation/ opening.

WePro-GmbH is always oriented towards the benefit for the customer. Because you should always be able to use the most practical and perfect mould.

A mould that is not only long-lasting but also economical.

Contributing to business success with high-quality tools, guaranteeing reliability and precision, practicing closeness to the customer - all this is only possible through practical experience, human openness and trusting interaction with each other.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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